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The Irish in 19th-century Portsmouth, NH

by eibhlin morey macintosh ©1997 - 2005

This manuscript is a preliminary list of Irish and Irish-Americans (and others) whose headstones are in St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery in Portsmouth, NH, and other Portsmouth records.

St. Mary's Cemetery, now called "Calvary Cemetery" was also known as "the Irish Cemetery" in 19th- and early 20th-century Portsmouth.

Genealogy: The Irish in 19th-century Portsmouth, NH
--- the book entries, by surname ---

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The entries in parentheses are from published death records, and are noted only where they conflict or add significant data. Age at death notations are usually years/months/days.

Notations marked "About," "Before," or "After," are all calculated estimates.

Census notes are taken from an assortment of sources, including actual census records. The styles of notation reflect the different indices.

The Portsmouth City Directory entries are from the 1860/61 directory unless noted otherwise.

My goal was to create a resource to use with the 1860 census, to locate Famine immigrants in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Where an entry of any kind is missing, it may mean that there was no data, or that particular research volume wasn't available at the library.

This research was completed over a two-year period. Compiling the data took another year. It was a slow but interesting project.

So far, these entries have not been checked against primary sources (except a casual proofreading of headstones), and are therefore not reliable.

They are merely an additional reference when all other resources have failed.

Please contact me if you find typos in the text, or if you have additional information or a website to link to.

Later, I hope to review this material and convert it into a more useable format. Meanwhile, it may be helpful (even with the possible typos) to researchers. That's why I have chosen to publish rather than wait for "some day" when it will be perfect.

I apologize to anyone whose research is made more difficult due to errors, but I believe that the possible benefits far outweighs the risks. Likewise, I regret that the research is so incomplete at this point.

All of this information, as published here, is copyright 1997, 1999, and 2005 by Eibhlin MacIntosh. If you wish to publish this elsewhere, in any form (including electronic), please contact me for written permission.

Particular thanks to Marie Daly of NEHGS for her advice and inspiration, and to my family for supporting my many projects and adventures.

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